Anya Widyawati

Boodles British Gin


British Boodles Gin


Select an existing brand and create a label evolution and revolutionary packaging design for a possible future product.


Boodles British Gin was named after the a gentleman’s club in London. Created in 1845, bottled and distributed in the United Kingdom, it is one of the gins to shape the flavor of the modern London Dry style gin, essentially vodka-like spirit infused with herbs and spices. For the evolutionary design, I kept their existing design language and elevated it to match the exclusivity of an upper class gentleman's club. I introduced different type pairings to add a bit of personality and integrated flourishes. Then I designed its back cover to further match its price point. For the revolutionary design, I decided to create a product for the brand to expand to a different target audience of  Millenials by creating a pre-made canned gin and tonic that is hassle-free and ready to go.